Form follows function

There is something beautiful in the hardcore function of mechanics. It might not be obvious to all but I believe that everyone in the product development business will agree that when something has an optimized function it is most often equal to beauty in its simplest form.

We have been working with a client for quite some time, designing an enclosure that includes some rigourous testing when it comes to durability. The end result needs to comply with both IP65 (water and dust), as well as with RC2 (resistance to entry).

With RC2, the testers has three minutes to gain access to the enclosure with screwdrivers, tounge and groove pliers, hammers etc. Let me assure you, they are quite brutal! To comply with this, things need to be quite robust and ready made components are not easy to find. Therefore a lot of components need to be made or modified. Here is a scissor-hinge that one of our Mechanical Engineers have designed to make sure we stay up to code. You gotta love it!

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